Why Are Fiberglass Fly Rods So Popular?


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Fly fishing is hugely popular and continues to grow in popularity every day. For decades, fishing has remained a favorite sport and pastime for millions worldwide. There’s nothing more appealing than sitting on the shores, casting out a line, and waiting for the fish to take the bait. It’s incredibly relaxing and appealing for anglers of all ages too. 

Fiberglass fly rods have always been a firm favorite of many anglers, but, back in the 1950s, they weren’t the best. They were heavy and clunky! Modern rods, however, are completely different. They are now lighter and stronger and make fly fishing a piece of cake. There are many manufacturers, including Blanks, that continue to improve their fly rods and that makes fishing even more appealing than before. 

Why do anglers love fiberglass fly rods and what should you know before you buy one?

Suitable No Matter Your Fishing Experience

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advancer angler, glass rods are fantastic. They are high-quality and offer a superior feel to them. Why are fiberglass rods so popular? Well, it’s partly down to the fact they’re suitable for all anglers. They’re incredibly easy to use and are lightweight making them a great option for any fishermen or women. 

Manufacturers, like Blanks Rods, are increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. Buying a fiberglass fishing rod can be a smart idea for newcomers, as well as angler experts. There are lots of great rods to choose from as well. Fiberglass fly is one of the best and is even suitable for everyone. 

Offers Great Rod Action

Glass rods are extremely versatile. Using a fiberglass fly fishing rod is fantastic because you can actually feel the cast. Casting is easy and every time you cast a line, you feel it. t’s better than anything you can experience with angling. Fiberglass fly rods allow users to feel the weight of the line in their hands and that may help to build a stronger technique. Glass fiber fishing rods look good and make the entire experience a little easier and more enjoyable. Also, you can cast a line easily. 

Superior Quality

Whether you choose Blanks fiberglass fly rods or another variety, there are many good quality rods to consider. Remember, a fiberglass rod is made from superior quality materials. They come with the best technology of modern times for angling and are ideal to use for trout fishing. Fiberglass is lighter, far more flexible, and of course, more durable so it will last longer. It’s often preferred to bamboo and graphite rods, but that doesn’t mean to say other rods aren’t suitable for you. 

Why Choose Fiberglass Rods?

It’s suitable for all anglers. A fiberglass rod is ideal for anglers everywhere because it’s a strong fishing rod. These rods are great at reeling in smaller fish, like trout, but can be used no matter what you’re aiming for. Ideally, the fishing rods are more suited to medium and smaller-sized streams. However, you can use them all day and won’t tire of them and they’re effective tools no matter how much experience you have. Even if you don’t have a big budget to work with, these rods are cost-effective and a lot more affordable than many other options available on the market. 

These tend to be less costly than graphite and bamboo rods so that’s a plus point. Also, they’re not as sensitive but are extremely powerful even when handling bigger fish. There is great curve available too. That means the rod bends from the tip to the butt and that’s what you want. Anglers get a good response from the rods and are more versatile.

Why Opt for Fiberglass over Graphite Rods?

Fiberglass is lightweight, affordable, and durable; but that’s not all. They’re also flexible and far less brittle than graphite rods. There’s a ‘whippy’ feel with the fiber rods and that enhances the feel of the rod. However, you want to get better reaction and glass fishing rods do offer that. They’re delicate but flexible and that’s essential with this type of rod. 

The rods do look better than many of the others available, but of course, that’s not the only reason to choose fiber. It’s a suitable option if you want to fish in streams with limited range or if you’re choosing short-distance fishing.

How to Choose a Fiberglass Fly Rod

What do you require and want in a fly rod? If you wanted a heavier rod, the graphite might be more suited to your angling style. However, a lighter rod, like Blanks fiberglass, might be better. You have to think about the type of rod you want, as well as the weight of the rod too. Also, it may come down to the type of fishing you’re going to take part in. Trout and salmon fishing might require a lighter rod, whereas other fish need heavier rods. 

Next, consider how the rod is made. For instance, you want to see how light the rod is and the type of action it provides. The fly rod should be strong, sturdy, but easy to use and not too heavy. You don’t want to get tired too quickly while out on the water. Also, it’s essential to look at a variety of factors, including the feel of it, before choosing. 

How much do you believe is reasonable to pay for the rod? Prices will vary significantly so it’s important to consider your overall expenses. Would you be happy to pay several hundred for fiberglass rods? Costs will also vary depending on the specific model and the quality of the rod. The higher the quality, the more you’ll pay so again, that’s something to consider. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far then, of course, you need to buy accordingly. 

There’s nothing more exciting than getting the feel of the rod and casting a line into the water; Blanks Rods are increasingly popular too. If you want a quality fly rod, they may cost $200 or more. Costs can range significantly, from around $50 for a cheap model and $200 for a higher-end one. Quality and brand will impact the price you pay. 

Whether you’re buying graphite rods or fiberglass, ensure there’s quality, especially if you’re paying a higher price. It helps to research the model first so that you can understand what the rod has to offer from all angles. 

Are fiberglass fly rods any good?

Graphite rods offer power, but so does fiberglass. Which are better? While graphite is a great option to consider, fiber does edge graphite out slightly. A glass rod is more affordable compared to graphite, which can be quite expensive at times. Also, they’re sensitive and that’s something all anglers need to be careful of when fishing. Of course, it all depends on what you want to use the rods for and your experience levels.

Blanks fly fishing rods are great and offer great casting, but they’re not for everyone. You have to think about fiberglass rods like a car – on the surface, it appeals but once you drive it, you’re not keen. It’s the same with fiberglass fly rods. Take the time to compare rods and look at what each has to offer. If you’re new to the game, you may want a light glass rod suitable for beginners. Again, the choice is yours.

What To Look For In Fiberglass Fly Rods?

Fiberglass fly rods are some of the best rods to use. They’re light but flexible and ensure all anglers have the best opportunity to net a catch. So, what is a 3wt fly rod good for? Well, it’s more ideally suited for streams. If you’re planning to go out into a small stream and do some trout fishing, this rod is ideal. Also, they work well when conditions are a bit more hazardous, such as there being many logs or trees nearby. 

Blanks are fantastic products to consider. Graphite fly rods are impressive too, but fiber goes have a slight edge over them. If you’re interested in fiberglass, you need to look for the following:

  • Their Load
  • Their Tempo
  • Their Strength
  • Their Presentation
  • Their Affordability

These are just a handful of things you must consider when buying a glass rod. Fishing with fiber rods can be a great idea. If you’re angling for trout then this is the right one and glass is hard to beat. Of course, you can choose from a variety of fiber rods, including Blanks.  

Buy the Best

Fly rods don’t come any better than fiberglass. They are light, versatile, and cost-effective. Choosing one isn’t difficult, but you do have to consider the rods from all angles and with a clear mind. These are popular because they offer what many of the others cannot. Why not look for the best fiberglass fly rods?

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