Fiberglass Body Kit Pros and Cons

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Fiberglass is hugely popular. Fiberglass reinforced panels are widely used to give a car a makeover and are quite an inexpensive option too. Car body kits are a wonderful addition to any vehicle because they improve the look and turn it into a sporty number. Body kits allow you to put a personal spin onto the vehicle.

When it comes to body kits, nothing beats fiberglass. It’s hugely popular and widely used in the industry also. As with most things in life, it has its drawbacks. So, what are the pros and cons of using fiberglass car body kits?

Pros & Cons

  • It’s Easy to Repair
  • Giving the Car a New and Improved Look
  • You Can Customize With the Body Kits
  • Lightweight and Pleasing On the Eye
  • Cost-Effective
  • Installation Is Tricky
  • A Lack of Precision to the Finish
  • Repairs More Likely if you’re not a careful driver

Pro: It’s Easy to Repair 

While fiberglass is pretty strong, it can be broken easily. When you’re dealing with a vehicle, even a low-impact bump might do considerable damage to the bodywork. If that happens, it’s a nightmare because you have to spend money to repair or replace the damaged parts. With fiberglass, it’s easy to fix.

You need to clamp the broken fiberglass body parts together and then use epoxy to bond them. Once the car has been repaired, you’ll be able to sand it down and give it a new coat of paint. Also, it’ll be difficult to notice where the repairs took place (if you’ve done a decent job). Okay, so there is a lot of work to do overall, but repairing the damage can be easier to do and less costly. Ideally, you don’t want to look for fiberglass kit car bodies for sale unless you absolutely have to; that’s why repairing is more cost-effective at times.

So, which cars are made of fiberglass?

  1. Chevrolet Corvette C7
  2. Alpine A610
  3. Lotus Elite
  4. Lotus Europa

A fiberglass kit car is popular because it’s easy to repair.

Con: Installation Is Tricky

Fiberglass is very rigid. That’s an important quality to have in a kit car. It’s an excellent feature to have and makes fiberglass popular. Unfortunately, it’s also a drawback. During installation, fiberglass body kits can be difficult to install properly without causing a few breakages. The materials aren’t flexible enough to safely adjust the frame to fit the vehicle and that’s a major problem.

You have to spend a lot of time working on the fiberglass framework and be extra careful (and patient) not to damage it again. It’s a major drawback. Of course, once it’s installed, it looks great; it’s just getting the fiberglass bodywork on that’s the trouble!

Pro: Giving the Car a New and Improved Look

Want a sporty look? Your car can be given a sportier look with the fiberglass body kits. The materials are versatile and designs can vary. They’re more dynamic and can improve the car’s overall look. Also, there’s not a lot of money needed to be spent on the kits.

Fiberglass reinforced panels or a body kit can ensure your vehicle looks fantastic. You put a personal spin on the car and you do so without the hefty price tag attached.

Con: A Lack of Precision to the Finish

There are differences between body kits that are made by a machine and when they’re made by hand. Machine-made kits offer more precision in terms of their finishing and fit. Since fiberglass reinforced panels are handmade, it means some precision is lost. You may need more time or additional help to install the kit.

Pro: You Can Customize With the Body Kits

A fiberglass kit car can look fantastic. You’re buying fiberglass body kits and so that means you can put your unique spin on the vehicle. Body kits enable you to customize the car fully. You can choose from all sorts of designs and there are different plate mounts available to use too. You can have a lot of fun customizing the car.

Con: Repairs More Likely if you’re not a careful driver

Buying a kit car can be great, but, fiberglass can be fairly brittle on at times. When enough force is put upon the fiberglass, it can cause it to break or crack. You have to be extra careful and not just with installation; it’s also about driving. If you aren’t a careful driver and constantly hit drainage ditches or potholes, you’ll need to repair the bodywork. Even if you’re a careful driver, cracks can appear, so it’s something to consider.

Pro: Lightweight and Pleasing On the Eye

Whether you opt for a subtle makeover or a drastic one, it can look great. There are lots of options to try and you can make the vehicle, your own. However, fiberglass body kits are extremely useful because they’re light. Being lightweight makes them popular. It’s effective and can ensure no loss of speed while driving.

Pro: Cost-Effective

Buying a kit car body is cost-effective. Fiberglass reinforced panels or FRP look great and won’t break the bank. You can look for a kit car sale and find you can pick up a complete package for a reasonable amount. Of course, if you don’t have thousands in the bank, you won’t be looking for kits cars for sale. However, buying a body kit can be cost-effective too. Panels aren’t expensive to make, even when they’re cut to a specific type. You can improve or upgrade your vehicle without breaking the bank.

Kit cars can cost between $6,000 and $1 million. Okay, so you think the $1 million price tag is too high, but the reality is that some high-end modified kit cars can reach that figure. Generally, average costs are around $12,000, but it’ll depend on the exact model and finish. In terms of worth, cars can range significantly. You might be able to average a sale around $10,000 if it’s in great condition.

Buying a kit car body will be cheaper than an actual finished kit car. So, what is the cheapest kit car to build? Of course, if you build from scratch, that may increase the value. The cheapest kit car to build may be your own. If you build from scratch and source parts the kit car body cheaply enough, you could spend as little as $5,000. Other cars, such as Robin Hood Project 2B and the Vindicator Sprint MK4 cost $8,000 and $11,000 respectfully. So, it’s not impossible to build a kit car, but the costs can be substantial.

It’s hard to put a selling price on it if you build from scratch. You may want to look for a kit car for sale to get a general idea.

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Buying With Caution 

For sale kit cars’, you’re drawn to the ad, but you have to proceed with caution. While they are sleek and appealing, you have to work within your budget. Do your research and find kit cars that are worth the money you’re paying. Finding kit cars for sale is easy enough to do, but ensure they are for you. The right kit car sale is waiting for you.

Which Kit cars are available to purchase?

  • Caterham-Super 7 R400
  • Factory Five Racing-Mk4 Roadster
  • Cav-Gt40
  • Ultima Gtr720

Fiberglass body kits offer so much. They come with positives and negatives so consider them all before you commit to any purchase.


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